Watch How This Brave Dog Risked His Life And Jumped Into The Ocean To Save A Baby Deer

My job requires me to be online almost 100% of the time I am at work, so I end up reading a LOT OF things on the Internet. So many of those things have led me to believe that every living soul on this planet is born with a lot of compassion. We just choose not to harness it to its full potential, otherwise, all of us are capable of doing great things.

So, here’s an incident that might make you believe in the point I just made, a little more.

An adorable dog called ‘Storm’ noticed an unidentified animal drowning in the water. Without any hesitation, Storm jumped into the water to rescue the animal.

When Storm successfully saved the drowning animal and brought it to the shore, his owner, Mike Freeley, realised that the drowning animal is actually a baby deer.


This happened when Mike and Storm were taking a walk. As soon as Storm sprung into action, Mike filmed the whole things. That’s where we saw how Storm gently held the baby deer in his mouth and dragged him to the shore.


Even after rescuing the deer, Storm stayed by her side and made sure she’s warm and comfortable by constantly licking her.


Mike then called an animal shelter so that they can come and give proper medical attention to the deer. The deer jumped into the water again, but this time, one of the volunteers named Frankie Floridia went to save her.


You can watch the whole video here.


Currently, the baby deer is perfectly fit and is recovering speedily.

All thanks to the very brave, ‘STORM’! ūüėÄ

Source: Boredpanda

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