Doctor Sues Coaching Institute After Failing To Clear AIIMS Entrance Test, Wins Case

In a world where everyone is running the rat race, crossing the hurdle of entrance examinations is no easy task. However, to guide you in your preparations and help you hit the jackpot, there are several coaching institutes which come with a lot of promise. But, irrespective of the support, the final result will always depend on the hard work, determination, on and skill of the student.

While most of would agree on this, a young doctor went on to put the entire blame on his coaching institute after failing to clear the AIIMS entrance test.

In a bizarre case, Dr. R Sankara Rao, a 28-year-old doctor sued Bhatia Medical Institute in Hyderabad for not preparing him properly for the examination at AIIMS, one of the top medical institutes in the country, situated in New Delhi.

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According to Rao, the students were assured of classes by renowned pathologist Dr. Devesh Mishra’s which did not happen during the entire course. Moreover, he blamed the Institute for not covering all the chapters that were present in the syllabus.

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As a result, Rao approached the Customer Forum with his case and demanded compensation from the Institute for wasting his time and money.

A New Indian Express report states that Hyderabad based institute denied the fact that they had guaranteed Dr. Devesh Mishra as a part of the faculty. They also claimed that there were no loopholes in their coaching procedures.

Fortunately for the student, the Costumer Forum held the institute guilty of failing to live up to the standards presented to the complainant. Adding to their statement, the forum said that the institute shouldn’t have continued coaching a ‘disgruntled and dissatisfied’ student.

As per the instructions of the Customer Forum, the institute will now have to refund the fee of Rs. 45,000 paid by Rao and also a compensation of Rs. 32,000.