Desis Talk About Finding Out Their Mom’s Hidden Traumas As They Grew Up & Respecting Her More

As we grow up, our perspective on our parents, particularly our mothers, matures with us. Gradually, they cease to be mere guardians and instead reveal themselves as human beings in front of our eyes with their own narratives of triumphs and tribulations. As we begin to learn about their lives as regular people, our hearts soften and empathy blooms. The more we try to comprehend the depth of their sacrifices and the burdens they have borne silently, the more respectful we become of them.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) expressed how the journey of being a daughter involves growing up and finding out about our mother’s hidden traumas and that we were completely unaware of the kind of horrible things she went through in her life. It makes us realize that she is a superhuman disguised as an ordinary person.

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“Part of being a daughter is growing up to find out about your mother’s hidden traumas, you realize she never told you half of the horrible things she went through in life. The older you get, the more it hits you that you were raised by a superwoman disguised as an ordinary person,” she wrote.

This post alone shifted something in the minds of several people online who introspected the lives led by their mothers and the traumas that came with it. Their journeys are stories of resilience and fortitude. They are not just simple authority figures. The more you peel the layers, the more you understand why they are the way they are.

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We now have a deep-seated respect for mothers all across the world!

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