Desi Redditors List Ways To Beat The Urge To Shop When There’s A Massive Sale Online


The mere mention of discounts and clearance sales tend to excite most of the shopaholics out there. But many of them are now attempting to beat their shopping urges. And understandably so, considering a group of psychiatrists previously claimed that ‘addiction to shopping fuelled by online retailing should be classed as a mental health condition‘.

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An Indian Redditor opened up a debate on ways to not get tempted by “killer deals” and the FOMO that comes along with it. He asked whether others felt the same way during the various online sales that crop up every year, especially in the month of October.

How do you control the urge of not buying things during these online sales every year in October? from india

Some people came up with their own hilarious jugaadu hacks to curb their desires to splurge:-

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Some people called adulting a “sacrifice” where one has to differentiate between necessity and luxury:-

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Some suggested chalking up a financial plan, setting aside money for needs, and investment as well.:-

I am completely broke, so I’ve never had to face such a situation. I completely relate to Ankita Konwar’s Instagram post in which she explained the reason behind her husband Milind Soman’s belief in minimalism and why he repeats outfits.

What about you? Have a better way to tackle impulse buying? Share with us!

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