‘Mum Says She Cooks Better’ Desi Guy Describes What It’s Like Eating Out With His Family


If you come from a quintessential desi parivaar, you would know what a task eating at a restaurant and choosing food for your family is like. You almost always go out for Indian food (even though that’s what you eat at home every day) and someone from the group would say, “Chi! Yeh daal hai? Mummy better banati hai!”

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And one guy took to Twitter to perfectly explain what eating outside with your desi family is like and it is accurate AF!

Others too joined the conversation and added other essential details that were missed. For example, our Dadis will never like outside food!

Our mothers will throw a tantrum and our dads will agree!

Desi people online couldn’t get over how relatable this was. Many asked, “Do we live the same lives?”

Eating outside with your desi family is like going into battle! What do you think? Tell us!

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