New Pics Alert! #DeepVeer Share Stunning Photos From Mehendi And We Can’t!

Nope, won’t waste any more time gushing over how super awesome #DeepVeer’s wedding shenanigans have been so far but how we hoped there were more pictures shared. Because GUESS WHAT? THERE ARE!

After sharing just two official photos from their Konkani and Sindhi wedding ceremonies at Lake Como, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have shared some more pictures of their Mehendi ceremony!

While Ranveer shared a stunning picture of Deepika, she shared these adorable pictures of Ranveer dancing! And then some more with each other and their families!

Feast your eyes, patient #DeepVeer fans! It was totally worth the wait!

Here’s the gorgeous bride, getting mehendi on her hands and looking more breathtaking that all the views of Lake Como combined!

And here’s the Deewani who is dancing like a Mastani because she’s about to become… Bhavnani!

Full credits to Ranveer’s dad for this line!

Speaking of Ranveer, Baba in his full element in this one!

Considering how much he has danced in all his peers’ weddings, you can only gauge from this picture how crazy it must’ve been at his own!

And presenting to you, this beautiful beautiful couple!

*Does the nazar naa lage gesture*

And finally, here’s another beautifully captured moment from the mehendi, of Ranveer and Deepika with their mothers, Anju and Ujjala, and sisters, Ritika and Anisha!

If only their dads were in the frame too, this would be so so perfect!

Nevertheless, our fan hearts are feeling a little more full right now with all these new photos!

The freshly minted Mr and Mrs Ranveer Singh left for Bengaluru today, to host their first reception for family.

Can’t wait for more photos to come!

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