It Is Absurd How Deepika Is Getting Shamed For Casually Dating Before Committing To Ranveer

Koffee With Karan is finally here and season 8 started with Bollywood’s ‘it’ couple on the couch – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Intimate details about their relationship were split, their wedding video was broadcasted for the first time, a much-needed conversation about mental health and signs of anxiety and depression was had, and it was overall a very intelligent coffee table chat.

Koffee With Karan

When talking about how Deepika and Ranveer started dating in the first place, Deepika revealed that it all started on the sets of Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela – the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial. Deepika, at one point, shared that the two of them were allowed to see other people and she was meeting with other men while also spending time with Ranveer but didn’t feel drawn to any of the other men as she was to Ranveer. Until Ranveer had proposed to her officially, Deepika wasn’t “committed” to him.

This statement of hers alone was enough to give keyboard warriors a reason to shame her. Soon, posts on social media, especially X, started floating about how Deepika was in an open relationship, dating multiple men at the same time, how she considered Ranveer a “backup”, and other such nonsense. She soon started trending on social media with thousands of posts slamming her for casually dating before committing to a relationship.

Here are a few examples:

Why are people having a problem with the fact that Deepika casually dated for a while and did not commit to a single man?

When did we become alien to the concept of playing the field before choosing our life partner?

When did we become a society that shames people, especially women, for “meeting” a few people to explore their options before finally settling down with the one?

There is this one impactful dialogue from Dear Zindagi which needs to be reiterated now:

“Ek kursi khareedne se pehle hum kitni saari kursiyan dekhte hai, kitni saari kursiyan try karte hai. Ek kursi choose karne se pehle agar hum itni saari kursiyan dekhte hai, toh ek life partner choose karne se pehle humein options nahi dekhne chahiye kya?”

What’s even more infuriating is that people are twisting and turning Deepika’s statement. Words like “seeing” and “meeting”, which she used, were turned into “dating” – as if she was in a relationship with multiple men at the same time and kept Ranveer Singh hanging.


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It is perfectly okay for people to casually date before they commit to that one person with whom they can spend their life. In doing so, you learn more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, the qualities you are looking for in a person, and what works for you or doesn’t. Women, for the longest time, have ‘settled’ for guys. They have lowered their standards and committed to people who do not fulfil their needs, in every aspect. On top of all that, there is this huge stigma attached to women who casually date.

Most importantly, different people have different relationship preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dating and relationships. Ultimately, it is their choice.

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