Gunda Abuses Deepika-Bhansali And Their Parents In Video About Saving Padmavati’s Honour. Loser!

Disclaimer: Explicit language ahead, reader’s discretion is advised.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone and the whole team of Padmavati have been mired into controversies one after the other. Since, the shooting of the film, Padmavati has seen vandalism, warnings, death-threats and been under the scanner for over two years.

Now, before the release on December 1 (which is postponed voluntarily by the producers), Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali have been shamed, and there’s a bounty on their heads of ā‚¹10 crore each.

Why? Because, she’s playing the role of Rajputani Queen Padmini (for those using Padmavati as the name, please get the facts right before creating such furore).

The news of bounty has sparked rage from different sections of the society. But, nothing as compared to the comments of Karni Sena and other religious sects who, without watching the film, have passed the verdict that Deepika is not fit to play the role of Rani Padmini (who may or may have existed. There’s no solid proof).

They have showered strings of abuses at Deepika and have called her dirty names (we don’t even want to recount them).

Now, Deepak Sharma, who made a lot of hullabaloo over a meme (pronounce: may-may), jumped on the controversy train and released a video. He has thrashed Deepika and SLB, left, right and centre and used extremely foul language for them.

Slamming Padmavati in the most disgusting way, Deepak went extremely out of line while involving Bhansali’s parents into it. Picking at Sanjay’s comment of making the film with a lot of hard work and labour, he said,

(If 50 years ago, your father didn’t take up labour of getting on top of your mother, then today a pimp like you wouldn’t have done this hard work. Wouldn’t have nit-picked with our history.)

He further said,

“Rani Padmavati, Maa Padmavati ke character ke saath, Maa Padmavati jaise vidhangana ke upar ungli uthane ka mauka nah de pata, agar tere ghatiya baap ne teri maa ke saath raat mein mehnat na ki hoti.”

(There would have been no chance of someone raising a finger at Rani Padmavati, Mother Padmavati’s character, someone courageous and respected like Mother Padmavati, if that night your filthy father wouldn’t have done that hard work that night with your mom.)


He challenged Bhansali that if he has the guts, he should make a film on other Mughal emperors.

(I just want to say this, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, if you have the guts and not a prostitute’s blood in your veins, then make a film on Aurangzeb’s pimping. Make a film on Shah Jahan’s colourful affairs in which he had a lot of wices. Make a film on a rapist like Babur. Do you have the balls?)

But what he said next made our blood boil like anything, because that’s outrageous and totally unacceptable.

“Agar kisi bhi keemat pe, yeh Padmavati release karne ki koshish ki gayi, toh theatre to jalenge jalenge. Lekin, iss bhadwi, raand, bhaand Deepika Padukone ki maa ka saara data hain. Iski Maa ke upar film main banaunga. Aur phir bikini mein iski Maa aur isko dikhaunga, ki dono beti aur Maa kaise apne baap ke saath rishta banati hain.”

(If by any chance, they try to release Padmavati by any chance, then theatres will burn for sure, but this pimp, this slut, thisĀ entertainer Deepika Padukone’s mother data is with me. I will make a film on her. And, then will show her and her mother in bikinis, that how this mother-daughter duo have relationships with her father.)

He went on to lip that how this is now a matter not only about integrity of the Rajputs but that of the whole country.

“Hum apni Maa aur mulk ke saath ab samjhauta bardasht nahi karenge.( We will not tolerate any sort of agreement in matters regarding our mothers and our nation.”

He even threatened that if the team comes to Delhi for promotions then Deepika will go back with her cut nose.

The saddest bit about the whole controversy is that the people who are opposing are talking about honour and about preserving a woman’s integrity. But they themselves are talking about a woman in the most inhumane, barbaric manner laced with expletives in their language. Where’s the honour in that?

The film’s fate is yet to be seen, but we urge all to put an end to this gundaraj. This is a democracy and NO, it is not ok for anyone to threaten someone, or put a bounty on their heads, or abuse them in any way. As for the disillusioned man Deepak Sharma here – does he even listen to himself? If not, he should, because whatever he said in this video can and should be used against him in the court. Reporting him, right away.

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