This Choreographer Proposed His GF In The Middle Of A Dance And Her Reaction Is EVERYTHING

I love wedding proposals. I have literally spent my entire teenage thinking about how the man I would fall in love with will HAVE to propose me in the best way possible. Yes, it sounds stupid, but according to me, it’s a very intimate and important moment when you ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you. This moment is not about the extravagance, the money, or the location. It’s always about the amount of heart you put in it. It can be outside a grocery store and still be romantic.

I came across this beautiful wedding proposal today and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys. Los Angeles-based choreographer Phil Wright proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a very sultry and beautiful performance. The couple was dancing to John Legend’s “You & I” when Phil got down on one knee and asked his love to marry him.

They both were in the middle of something they love so much, and something that connects their souls. I cannot think of a better moment. Can you?

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