‘Don’t Mention Chicken, Not Allowed’ Customer Adds Hilarious Request On Food Delivery Order

The ‘Customer Notes’ section of any online food delivery order is a comedy club in itself. From “Please don’t add chillies you didn’t read my note last time” to “Please don’t ring the bell my parents don’t know I ordered food”, if we could go through every individual customer note, we would surely land up finding some legendary stuff. Here’s an example.

A user on X shared a picture of a particular bill from an online food delivery order. Under the ‘Customer Notes’ category, the customer asks the restaurant to not mention “chicken” in the bill because he is not allowed to eat it. The customer also asked the restaurant to not send a bill but alas, they did so.

“Bill mt bhejna sath me or na hi kahi pr chicken mention krna allowed nahi hai ghr pr please (sic),” read the note.

Have a look at the post here:

People online thought that this was a very vegetarian-person-eating-non-vegetarian-food thing to do, like those staying in Jain or Gujarati societies. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Isn’t it funny how our ardent and desperate requests are never read by the restaurants in the first place? 😛

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