This Crazy Bride’s List Of Demands From Wedding Guests Has The Internet RSVPing ‘Hell No’!

Weddings are a tedious affair. So it is quite natural that the bride and the groom get a little crazy figuring everything out. And that’s where a good wedding planner comes handy. So they can make sure brides don’t turn into bridezillas and grooms don’t reconsider their decision to marry the ‘crazy’ woman. And yet, in some cases a crazy bride is inevitable. Like in this Reddit thread.

A Reddit user shared screenshots of an email a wedding coordinator had sent to all the guests. What was in it? A list of rules and regulations for the guests to follow at the wedding.

Okay, barring the spelling errors (wtf is a ‘finally’ head count?) and the outright rude way of asking the guests if they’re bringing a plus one, you’d think this was normal, right?

Well, wait for it. Because here are the list of outrageous demands by the crazy bride that’ll make the guests a little too excited to go to the wedding. NOT!

OMG! If you’ve read this and are bursting at the seams to discuss how they’ve wrongly spelled ‘ceremony’ as ‘seramony’, wondering who the fudge is Remy, and totally losing it at the mandatory $75 gift demand, then you’re not alone!

Because the comments on the Reddit thread just exploded with laughter as it destroyed every single thing about the list!

This comment makes total sense in that case!

I mean, really? Like some rules, such as the not wearing white at the wedding or maintaining privacy by not sharing pictures on social media still seem like the more sensible ones. But what was with dictating people’s haircuts?

Can you imagine a segment dedicated to opening the newly-weds up to photos from guests!?

FYI, Remy probably refers to Rémy Martin cognac, which again is absurd. Because what happened to good old champagne toasts?

And who the hell makes ‘Do not talk to the bride’ a rule on a wedding?

Don’t even get them started on the mandatory $75 gift rule! More like a cover charge for entry into the club!

Of course, people had a lot of ideas on what to do with this rule…

And this perfect marriage idea was born out of the joke!

One thing that was everyone’s pet peeve here was the atrocious spelling!

It got people wondering why the bride didn’t just fire the wedding coordinator. Or whether there was no coordinator after all and it was the crazy bride calling all the shots!

Of course, the list was the perfect excuse to recuse oneself from attending! But as another user pointed out, it would be a fun show to watch!

Oh dear! Is this a wedding or a circus?

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