Hyderabad Corporator Performs ‘Naagin Dance’ During Medical College Event. Video Goes Viral

Now this is a statement every desi will agree with: no party is ever complete without someone indulging in a little Naagin dance! While this trademark dance step is the zenith of all parties, infused with truckloads of energy and the power to set the dance floor on fire, it can even drown you in a pool of harsh criticism. Especially if you’re a corporator and the part is an official college function.

In a video that has surfaced and is now going viral, a corporator belonging to Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen in Hyderabad can be seen performing the Naagin dance on stage during the annual day of a medical college.

The corporator in question is Dr. Sameena Begum, from the Kurmaguda Dvision, and in the video she can be seen dancing to loud cheers. The event was the annual day of Unani Medical College, organised by Dr. Abdul Haq.

It was the annual day event of Unani Medical College where Dr. Sameena, who is a practicing doctor as well as a corporator of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, danced to loud cheers and whistles.

She was even joined on stage by other men, or shall we call them snake charmers?

At one point, one of the men on the stage even took out some notes…

You can watch the whole video here.


Severe criticism has been levied on the corporator for her performance. However, the MIM has found a sly defense.

According to the MIM, the video and critique is merely an attempt to hurt the reputation of a Muslim party.

Whatever it maybe, incidents such as these which seem to cause trouble for medical colleges are on the rise. First, there was the belly dancers and liquor-carrying ambulances in Meerut that stirred up a storm. And now this. Makes you wonder, what are all these doctors up to, eh?

Having said that, awesome naagin dance, Corporator. We like! 😉