Woman Brings Restaurant Biriyani To Cooking Show, Says She Didn’t Know She Had To Cook Herself

When you watch a cooking competition, something like Masterchef, you come to realise that cooking is not just a necessary life skill but a kind of art or medium for self-expression. The kind of dishes that are presented to the judged doesn’t just look tasty but also aesthetically pleasing.

However, instead of a self-cooked dish, a contestant in a Pakistani cooking competition audition named ‘The Kitchen Master’ hilariously brought a plate of packed biriyani from a nearby restaurant for the judges to taste. When the judges confronted her about it, she gave the excuse that she didn’t know that one has to cook the dish.

She said that since she was told by the showrunners to bring food, she brought food and that she wasn’t told to cook it herself. She insisted that she can cook well. This left the judges speechless.

Have a look at the funny video here:

People online were left gasping for air after watching the video! Here’s how some of them reacted:

This show is more dramatic than Ekta Kapoor serials! 😀

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