Clothing Brand Faces Flak For Misrepresenting Onam Traditional Attire & Sadhya Meal

The festival of Onam is a big deal for Malayalis and it is celebrated by the community spread across the world. Onam is incomplete without the quintessential feast named ‘Sadhya’ and donning the traditional Kasavu.

However, one clothing brand named Cottons Jaipur faced flak online due to their modern take on the festival. Launching their Onam collection, not only did they show two women wearing salwar kameez instead of Kasavu but also made a few errors in the items chosen for Sadhya.

According to The Indian Express, the picture showed dosa and idli on a banana leaf along with three steel bowls with sambhar and chutney, with a little rice on the side. Several people pointed out how idli and dosa isn’t a part of the traditional Sadhya meal and that just a white-and-gold combination doesn’t make it fit for Onam.

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After facing backlash, the brand deleted the picture and issued an apology. Have a look:

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