Journo Who Lost His Job & Plans To Move In With Partner Shares Strong Message On Gender Roles

While living through the ups and downs of life, we often forget the bottom line- to be happy. And with society already assigning different roles and responsibilities to us, we end up burning ourselves out just to achieve them.

However, it’s not necessary for a woman to be a master homemaker or a man to be the breadwinner. What matters is how people share responsibilities and do all it takes to live happily with their loved ones.

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Independent journalist, Sayantan Ghosh, was also going through a rough patch in his life. But what kept him afloat and gave him the courage to get back on his feet was his partner’s trust and his family’s belief in him.

Sharing a very intimate leaf from his life, Ghosh posted a thread of tweets that struck a chord with us.

He went on to share how back in November 2021, he lost his job. A devastated Ghosh was left with only two choices; either to relocate to Dehi to look for opportunities or to return to his hometown where his partner and her daughter stay.

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They together came to the conclusion that he must return to his partner, her daughter, and his family living in Kolkata.

Even though he wasn’t earning much as an independent journalist, he got the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the people he loved dearly. He learned new skills and stood like a rock next to his partner.

This is when he realized that everyone was doing it wrong all this while. More than giving up on the gender stereotypes, we should work towards finding ‘happiness, sanity & togetherness’.

He concluded with a very important message:

“If you are a man it’s ok to earn less. It’s ok to look after family and daily chores.”

People were all hearts about his thought process and how he and his partner were striking a balance together.

If you think of it, Ghosh said nothing extraordinary. But the gender stereotypes are so ingrained in our minds that it feels so fresh and heartwarming. Seems like we needed someone to put this out LOUD AND CLEAR! Thank you, Sayantan!

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