Chinese Couple Punishes Kid Who Watches Too Much TV By Making Him Watch TV All Night

Before kids get smartphones and are alien to the world of social media, they tend to have another addiction – watching too much television. The problem starts when new parents try to distract kids or keep them busy so as to catch a break or make them eat. But later, it becomes a great problem as they grow up.

For example, the parents of a young boy in China’s Hunan province asked him to complete his homework within a given period of time while they were away from the house. He ended up not doing the homework and watching TV, reported India Today.

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When the parents came back home, they caught him red-handed watching TV and were left infuriated. So, they came up with the ideal punishment of forcing him to watch TV all night.

Sounds fun right? Well, not so much.

The punishment started off great. The kid watched TV till late at night and even grabbed some snacks. However, he was soon tired and wanted to go to sleep. A video of the incident shows how the mother woke him up after he fell asleep on the couch and forced him to watch TV. The kid broke into sobs.

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According to Hindustan Times, the boy was only allowed to sleep after 5 AM. Have a look at the video here:

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This incident has started a debate on Chinese social media platforms wherein many think that this kind of punishment is not justified because it’s too “harsh”. But many others thought that it was fitting.

“I had a similar experience. After taking our three-year-old son, who is a fan of KFC, to eat hamburgers and chicken for three days, now his enthusiasm has gone,” one social media user was quoted saying by the South China Morning Post.

What are your views on this kind of punishment?

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