Indians Voice Concern Over Chandigarh University MMS Case, Ask People Not To Share Video

There’s unrest in Chandigarh University and the female hostel occupants are leaving the campus as the university came under the scanner after several students claimed that a female student had allegedly recorded and leaked the MMS of around 60 female students.

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According to a report by India Today, it was alleged that a 23-year-old female student in 1st year of her master’s degree concealed a phone inside the ladies’ toilet and shot objectionable videos of the students taking a shower. She then shared them with her boyfriend in Shimla who uploaded them on social media.

A probe was ordered and after a preliminary investigation, the police arrested the accused woman and her boyfriend from Himachal Pradesh. Along with them, the Himachal Police also detained a 31-year-old man in connection with the case.

While students claim that the accused has accepted making and sharing the videos, the Punjab police is saying that she had sent only her objectionable video to her boyfriend and that rumors of videos shot of other girl students are baseless, reported CNBCTV18.

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Following these misleading claims, several students started protesting against the authorities after it was claimed that a handful of female students also attempted suicide. Furious protestors claimed that the cops and authorities are covering up the facts. While the protest concluded this morning, several students said that they will stay till justice is served.

The New Indian Express quoted Dr. RS Bawa, Pro-Chancellor of Chandigarh University saying, “There are rumours that seven girls have committed suicide whereas the fact is that no girl has attempted any such step.

“No girl has been admitted to the hospital in the incident. There is another rumour circulating through media that 60 objectionable MMSes have been found in different students. This is totally false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation conducted by the university, there have been no videos found of any student which are objectionable except a personal video shot by a girl which was shared by herself to her boyfriend. All the rumours of objectionable videos shot of other girl students are totally false and baseless. On the request received by the students, Chandigarh University has itself handed over the further investigation to the Punjab Police.”

As of now, the hostel warden has been suspended, the university has been closed for six days and the accused arrested have been charged with multiple sections of the IPC.

The country was outraged when the incident came to light. Several citizens including celebrities condemned the incident.

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While the incident is being closely looked at to hold everyone involved responsible, it’s only sensible to not share the ‘objectionable video’ any further.

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