Celebs Are Getting Skin Implants As Accessories That’ll Probably Make Your Stomach Turn

When going down the Pinterest rabbit hole now and then, okay more like every night, I inevitably find myself drooling at tattoos every time. There’s just something about them that makes me want to ink my whole body. It’s an excellent form of self-expression and if done right, the whole process can be very therapeutic as you’d need to self-reflect a lot before picking out what you’re going to mark your skin with.

Some people take this form of self-expression a step further with body piercings and in extreme cases, body mutilations. But looks like this trend has taken a major upgrade.

Celebrities have started testing out a new form of body art: skin implants. Such as this necklace sported by Kim Kardashian:


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Ummm… yeah, I’m big time confused about my feelings for this new trend. It’s gross and yet oddly beautiful!

The inbuilt necklace seen on Kim is actually one of many designer body modifications offered by the brand A. Human.

And Kim’s neckpiece actually does a lot more than just look pretty. Watch:


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Officially shook! It. Glows. In. The. Dark! Aaaaand it follows her heartbeat. *jaw drop!

Designer and Queer Eye star Tan France chose a little something called Tudor for himself. And it kind of reminds me of gills. Or maybe frills. I can’t decide!

Hollywood’s resident sass queen Chrissy Teigen also got on board this weirdly sexy trend and got herself some custom skin feathers:

I like it. I kind of love it. But I also want to run as far away from it as possible, you know what I mean?

A. Human introduces itself as such:

“A fashion brand from the future where self-expression isn’t defined by what you put on your body, but by how you change your body.”

To be more specific, A. Human is an immersive theatrical experience. The brand is set to open its flagship store in New York during the New York Fashion Week in September.

Apart from the “accessories” seen on Kim, Tan and Chrissy, the exhibition will also showcase some other curious sights like these shoulder horns:

And these biological heels that stem from your legs:

The aim of this exhibition is to push the boundaries of our definitions of self-expression. It is an immersive, theatrical art experience produced by Society of Spectacle, a live entertainment storytelling brand founded by Simon Huck. Making use of set design, technology, prosthetics, live actors and more, A. Human blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

Art exhibition or not, I’m going to need a moment to process everything I’ve just seen.