CBSE Board Results Are Out And The Internet Is Flooded With Hilarious Reactions & Memes!

Does one even need time to guess when I ask what does a student fear the most? Of coarse it’s board results! I still have nightmares of the “results day”, tbh.

Throughout our childhood, nothing has been more hyped about than our board exams. The endless hours of studies, tension, peer-pressure, mock tests, suggestions, and late nights made our lives a living hell. I honestly think if one can safely endure the pressure of board exams in our country, he/she can endure anything in life!

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CBSE class 12 board results were announced today literally out of the blue! And what’s funny is how not just students, but pass-outs from even 10 years back are terrified.

Hilarious reactions and memes have taken social media by storm because c’mon, we have all been traumatised by the exam pressure. So students, you’re not alone!

Have a look:

For all those who have passed with flying colours, heartiest congratulations to you! And those of you who are hiding under your beds right now, I feel you, bro. I feel you!

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