This Mother Of Four Built A 3,500 Sq Ft House For Her Family By Watching YouTube Tutorials

When you go through absolute hell, you need a radical change in order to get your life back on track. A fresh start in order to get back on your feet and strive for a better future.

After going through abusive relationships, two violent marriages and being stalked by a man with mental-illness, Cara Brookins, a mother of four, got her life back together in the most incredible manner.

Cara yearned for a fresh start for her kids, which would only be possible in an entirely new locale. However, her family did not have much in order to purchase a house.

cara brookins


Serendipitously, Cara spotted a tornado-hit house with just the foundation left. She thought,

“what if we bought some 2’x4’s and sheetrock and put that together? What would our dream house be? Would we want to build it?”

The mother spoke to the kids about it and all of them decided it was a great idea. Although, none of them were really trained or even knew the first thing about building a house. But that wasn’t going to stop this fearless family.


They learnt the various aspects of building via YouTube tutorials, took a $150,000 loan from the bank and got started.

cara brookins 2

“I felt ashamed and I was worried that they had no self-esteem and no confidence…They had been powerless”


However, the kids pulled through. They learnt how to lay bricks.

cara 6


Pour concrete.

cara u7


Build a frame.

cara 5


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And even how to operate a nail gun!

cara 8


It seemed like even the youngest ones were getting on just fine.

cara 9


Before you knew it, the family had come together and built a 3,500 sqft, 5-bedroom house with a 3 car garage and a workshop.

inkwell manor


Today, 8 years later, the family still remains a proud resident of the Inkwell Manor.



Today, the family stands together, stronger than ever, absolutely fearless. 

cara 10

“They dive into anything. There’s nothing you could suggest to them that they could not do. it’s an incredible thing”

The story of Cara Brookins serves as an inspiration to all those out there who feel life has been unfair to them or are simply down on their luck. Always stay hopeful, and put in the effort. With significant effort and a little bit of serendipity, prosperity and good fortune awaits just around the corner.

Images Source: Cara Brookins

H/T: Boredpanda

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