“It’s Okay To Be Mediocre,” Pens Capt. Varun Singh, Lone Survivor Of Air Crash, In Letter To His School

Right from the day we’re admitted to school, topping the class with flying colours is expected of us. And the burden of coming first, fear of getting scolded, and losing face in society often end up stressing kids more. While everyone tells us, ‘khoob mehnat karo and top karo’ only a realistic person would advise “it’s ok to be mediocre.”

This is what group Captain Varun Singh, penned in his September 2021 letter to his principal.

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For the uninitiated, Singh is the only survivor of the IAF chopper crash in Coonoor in Tamil Nadu that took away the life of Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat, and eleven other personnel. Singh is currently battling for his life at a Bengaluru hospital, reported The Indian Express.

In his letter, Captain Singh advised kids at his alma mater, Army Public School in Chandimandir in Haryana, to find their calling, and do their best towards it. In the letter that he wrote after winning Shaurya Chakra earlier this year, Singh shared thoughts about his life that he thought might help and inspire children who might feel they’re meant to be only mediocre in this hyper competitive world.

“I was a very average student who barely scored 1st division in Class 12. I was equally average in sports and other co-curricular activities. But I had a passion for airplanes and aviation.”

In the four-page letter, he divulged that he passed out from NDA (National Defence Academy) as an OC and didn’t excel in studies or sports. However, when he joined AFA, he realized that his passion for aviation gave him an edge over his peers. Even then, he lacked confidence in his abilities.

However, after commissioning as a young Flight lieutenant in a fighter squadron, he realizes he could do well if he puts his heart and mind to it. “It was at this point that things started to turn around in my professional and personal life,” he wrote.

He then wrote about the time when he was on the first shortlist of 12 candidates in 2019 for India’s first crewed spaceflight, ‘Gaganyaan’ by ISRO. Sharing his life lessons with the kids he penned:

“It is ok to be mediocre. Not everyone will excel at school and not everyone will be able to score in the 90s. If you do, it’s an amazing achievement and must be applauded. However, if you don’t, do not think that you are meant to be mediocre. You may be mediocre in school but it is by no means a measure of things to come in life.”

He further added, “Find your calling, it could be art, music, graphic design, literature, etc. Whatever you work towards, be dedicated, do your best. Never go to bed thinking I could have put in more effort.”

Telling kids to never lose hope, group Captain Varun Singh wrote, “It will not come easy. it will take effort, it will require the sacrifice of time and comfort. I was mediocre, and today I have reached difficult milestones in my career. Do not think that 12th board marks decide what you are capable of achieving in life. Believe in yourself, work towards it.”

Towards the end, he urged his principal to share the story penned in his letter with the kids “especially the teens as they near adulthood with its complexities of societal pressures, academic challenges and sometimes and uncertain and frightening future.”

This is how people online reacted on reading his letter:

Golden words of wisdom from a brave heart who has made us proud with his valor, determination, and will and not his marks on the report card. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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