Fashion Brand Launches Cage-Themed Trousers, And The Question Is ‘Are You Brave Enough?’

If you thought that super distressed denim is the worst thing to put your money on as they neither wrap your body nor make you feel comfortable, you were wrong! Apart from making you look like a homeless drug addict, such torn away pants also make it difficult to deal with your desi parents. After all, what answer would you have to their questions like ‘Ye bhikari ban ke kaha ja raha hai?’

Anyways, ribbed or distressed denim is a thing of the past now! After their quirky ‘butt lifter body shorts’ and ‘nothing to hide’ sheer trousers, Fashion Nova are back at it again.

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They seem to have pushed their boundaries way too much this season. The clothing brand which is popular for their bizarre designer outfits has come up with caged-themed trousers which look anything but comfortable. The trousers which are designed in the shape of a cage are made up of a few very thin strips of faux leather sewn together.

The brand is selling their innovative pants which leave nothing to the imagination at a whopping price of 49.99$ (3,554 INR). The high rise trousers with an adjustable waist also come with ‘cropped fit’ and ‘layering pieces’.

We tried hard but could not find even a single practical use of the caged-trousers. They would do nothing but make you freeze in the breezy winters of January instead. Would you like to try these trousers?

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