Bus Conductor Of Ryan School Was Drugged, Forced By Police To Confess Crimes He Didn’t Do

Gurgaon’s Ryan International School had parents all over the country scared for their children’s lives when a seven-year-old, Pradyuman Thakur was found with his throat slit in the washroom of the school in less than an hour after his father dropped him off. The initial probe into the case put the conductor of the school bus, Ashok, under the police radar and he had even confessed to killing the boy because he refused his sexual advances.

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However, the latest CBI reports unearthed evidence that put the police probe to shame and made it vulnerable to burning questions. The CBI investigations and CCTV analysis revealed that a Class 11 student was allegedly the culprit behind the murder of the child.

Following this, lawyer to the bus conductor Ashok, has said that they will soon file a case against the Haryana police and the school management for defamation and for making him a scapegoat to protect the real culprit.

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As reported by Hindustan Times, Mohit Verma, Ashok’s counsel divulged that they were waiting for the CBI closure report after which they will file cases for the large-scale defamation of Ashok.

Speaking about the police report where they pinned the charges on Ashok and arrested him, he said,

“The police clearly botched up the probe. The CBI did not find any motive he could have had in murdering PradyumAn, while they established the motive of the arrested Class 11 boy behind the crime.”

He also insinuated that a bigger power was behind the evidence tampering and the police had framed the man in order to close the case quickly. He alleged that Ashok was drugged and tortured by the police to confess to a crime he did not commit in front of the media, adding,

“The police had planted everything. They framed an innocent man. Who pressurised the police to do that, is a matter of investigation, but whatever happened to Ashok amounts to torture.” 

The CBI probe revealed that no evidence or motive had been found against Ashok for murdering the child. They have also said that after thorough analysis, no evidence of sexual assault was found against him but he has not yet been exonerated.

The botched up investigation of the police and their negligence in not analysing the CCTV footage, which they dismissed for being unclear, led to justice being delayed in the high-priority case. We hope that the bereaved parents of the victim receive justice soon.

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