This Bride’s LIT Dance With Her Doggo Goes Viral, Twitter Goes ‘Aww’!

A video of a dog and her pet mommy dancing on her wedding day has blown people away. The happy mommy dressed in her pristine white wedding gown took to the dance floor to perform with her border collie, Hero.

According to Daily Mail, Sara Carson Devine, a celebrity dog trainer who has in the past also participated in ‘America’s Got Talent’, danced with her pet pooch to ’80s hit Footloose on her wedding day. The talented seven-year-old collie is seen on the video jumping, prancing, climbing and ‘dancing’ as trained.

Sara, 24, from Los Angeles, said, “I was just nervous because of the huge dress I was wearing. ‘We didn’t practice it, so I had no idea what to expect. We perform in international television and at live events all the time – this was more private and it was really different being surrounded by so many friends and family members.”

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She even said that Hero knew it was her special day.”Hero goes to hundreds of events every year but I have a feeling he did know that this was pretty special. ‘Everyone at the wedding said they would have expected nothing less. So many friends and family members that we both haven’t seen in years were there and he was thrilled to see them.”

Watch how Hero made Sara’s ‘once in a lifetime’ moment memorable:

The video shows Sara and her seven-year-old Hero attempt a freestyle dance and netizens are crying of joy:

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