Brave Girl Schools Her Dad After He Shouts At Her Mom Because He Was Frustrated, Watch

I have been someone who has been incredibly lucky to grow up in a family that is loving, gentle and kind. But I do realise that not every child has such a privilege. When we talk about ‘privilege’, we often hint at generational wealth, power and influence. But we forget to highlight that being brought up in a safe environment is also a privilege. A lot of kids find themselves amidst abusive or hostile parents and siblings which leaves a lasting negative impact on them.

A little girl in China also witnessed her parents arguing in front of them – her father more than her mother – and got exhausted because of it. Probably the girl saw her father throw all his frustrations at her mother at the end of the day and she was having none of it. So one day, she decided to call her dad out and school him for his disturbing behavior.

“Since you don’t want Mum to share your burdens, then don’t bring back your negative emotions. We do not even speak a word when we notice you in a bad mood. As kids, we get scared too. You treat us like your family so we should have some good conversations. We are not your enemies,” she tells him.

Here’s a video of her trying to talk sense into her dad. Have a look:


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Several people online lauded her composure and intelligence. Such a mature kid and her parents should be proud of her! Here’s how some people reacted to the video:

It’s truly heartbreaking to see the child talk like this. This shows how circumstances have pushed her into being more mature for her age.

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