Bengaluru Woman Spotted Attending Team Meeting On Her Laptop While Shoe Shopping

Living in Bengaluru is not for the faint-hearted for one needs to maintain maximum time optimization. Time cannot be wasted in the Silicon Valley of India, even if it means peeling vegetables while being stuck in traffic!

For example, a woman was spotted attending a team meeting on her laptop while shopping for shoes at a store. A picture of her was shared on X by a user named Rahul Dev.

The woman is seen checking out shoes while balancing her laptop with one hand. Work-life balance – what is that? 😛

People online hilariously reacted to this picture. While some thought she was checking out shoes to hit her seniors, others couldn’t get over how toxic her workplace might be because she felt obligated to not take a break while shopping.

For all those who think that this is a bit of a stretch, let us tell you, this is exactly how Bengaluru is and such sights are more common than you think!

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