Brad Pitt Shows Up At An Event Wearing A Skirt, People Say ‘Normalize This!’

In recent times, there has been this movement in fashion where people are claiming that clothes have no gender. In our country, we have Ranveer Singh who is smashing fashion stereotypes like a boss. Some days he is seen wearing a skirt, on other days he photoshoots wearing heels. In the West, there’s Harry Styles who doesn’t even shy away from wearing dresses.

And now, Brad Pitt was spotted arriving at an event, the premiere of his upcoming film ‘Bullet Train’ in Berlin, wearing what looked like a skirt! India Today described his attire as an “unconventional ensemble, which consisted of a brown, raw-hem knee-length skirt and a matching jacket.”

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While some think it would be more appropriate to call it a kilt rather than a shirt, Brad Pitt paired his look with a dusty rose shirt underneath, accessories, black combat boots and a pair of sunglasses.

And people instantly fell in love with his attire. “Normalise men wearing skirts”, many said. Have a look:

If men can look this good while wearing a skirt, what’s stopping them? 😉

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