Girl Realises Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her With A Coworker. EXPOSES Him In A Twitter Thread!

This could’ve been a really tragic story of how a guy cheated on his girlfriend.

Except that it’s not! The thrilling tale of Ayana The Diva, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, discovering that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her new co-worker, unfolds with such finesse that you’ll be glued to your seats reading it.

You’ll want to feel sorry for her. Instead, you’ll end up LOLing hard because, one, it is that hilarious and, two, it’s all on Twitter!

Ayana found out that the guy her new work BFF had been endlessly gushing about was in fact her boyfriend of THREE years and decided to chronicle the whole incident on Twitter with supplementary memes to boot under #SameBae.

Ayana and her co-worker were both new at their job and soon found out that their choices in men were pretty darn similar. Of course, they got on like a house on fire!


It all started when the co-worker began showing pictures of her “boo”, claiming he was cuter than the other eye-candies that they’d been spotting.


This could’ve been the moment Ayana found out about the cheating scum. But there was a narrow save!


Say Whaaaaaaaaat???????


Awwwww shucks! It is HIM.


Our girl Ayana, totally shook but still holding it together, decided to play along and dig a little deeper.

Can you imagine how tough it must’ve been going all, “Yeah tell me about it, girl!” when your whole world is falling apart?


Oh yeah? Tell me more!


And then, things suddenly got really interesting. They didn’t just share a boyfriend, they shared a neighbourhood too! Your cue to go “WTF!”


This was probably the moment Ayana realised she had the perfect setting to get back at her jerk of a boyfriend for cheating on her. And boy, she did good!


And then it was like the universe was conspiring to help Ayana get some payback because… surprise surprise! Her boyfriend was home!


But of course, before that could happen, there had to be some more small talk and playing cool.


Play close attention, guys! THIS IS IT! The guy isn’t going to know what hit him!




We can all agree this guy was quite lacking in even basic cheating skills because he chose to date a girl just a couple of blocks down from where his girlfriend lived!


Twitter had a field day reading through Ayana’s tweets and several people applauded her for pulling off this stunt and giving the guy what he deserved.

1. Major ROFL scenes’ y’all!


2. Not everyone’s cuppa tea!


3. Some love from the ‘hood!


4. Damn, girl! You slayed!

Looks like the boyfriend, now EX-Boyfriend, won’t try to pull any such stunts again!

*Mischief managed!*

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