Woman From Influential Family Says She “Struggled In Taxi” & Bought A Mercedes, Desis React

Class, privilege, education, wealth, and connections are some things that are not distributed equally. While it is great to celebrate your wins in life, it is also important to acknowledge if you got an easy head-start from your privilege and not be tone-deaf about it. For instance, the conversation gained momentum after actors Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday talked about their “struggles” in the industry.

Mene bhot struggle kiya hai - Indian Meme Templates

A Twitter user shared a woman’s LinkedIn post where she talked about buying a luxury car from her own hard-earned money despite belonging to an influential family.

She further stated that she “struggled” in rickshaws and taxis before opening up her foundation and “many other businesses”. Check it out:


And desis reacted to the post, voicing their opinions on what felt amiss:

1. No points for guessing which sentence caught most people’s attention.

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2. Good for her, but the “struggles” reek of privilege, said users.

3. Others pointed to how, unlike her, there are many people from non-influential families who lack the means and resources to succeed in life.

What’s your take on this? Tell us.

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