Boston Dynamics Parody Video Shows Robot Fighting Back After Being Tired Of Serving Humans!

If you are one intrigued by robots and how they function with the help of artificial intelligence, this story is gonna be a treat for you. Many of you might have heard about Boston Dynamics, an American engineering and robotics design company Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

And if the name sounded familiar to you, you might have come across their videos where they make robots do countless tasks and even test their balance. Needless to say, the robots in these videos are technological masterpieces and give us an idea of the progress we have made in the field.

However, a recent parody video which is going viral, takes us deeper into the future. Though made as a joke, the video shows what can happen if a robot gets tired of serving us, humans.

The 3.31 mins clip starts with people hitting a robot with beer bottles and boxes to test its balance. However, after tolerating a hell of a beating, the robot finally fights back with some amazing karate moves and a gun. Here is the parody video which has been named ‘Bosstown Dynamics’:

While this is just for fun, you cannot completely rule out such a possibility in the future!