From Kashmir To Kanyakumari, Video Captures How 80% Of Indians Are Basically The Same

90% – Probability that ‘Channa Mereya’ will make you cry every time.
100% – Chances of me finally going on vacation this year
20% – My appraisal ūüėõ
80% – Of Indians are basically the same

Curious? How can that be when all of us live in different cities, have different professions, ages, habits, and lifestyles? Well, as per research, 80% of us have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Watch this video to know more.

Check it out here:

This deficiency is worrying because Vitamin D is vital for the nourishment of the human body and lack of it results in suboptimal immunity. It also plays an important role in maintaining bone, muscle, healthy blood pressure and neural tissues.  There are many factors that would increase risk to be vitamin D deficient, for instance,

  • Age and gender: Institutionalized seniors and post-menopausal women have higher risks
  • Skin complexity: those who have darker skin pigmentation have higher concentration of melanin that filters out UVB light required for vitamin D synthesis in the skin
  • Low sun exposure: such as Full-body-coverage clothing, Avoidance of sun, Use of sunscreen, Northern latitudes
  • Dietary pattern: Vegetarians and vegans

If you fit the description above you may be at risk for having Vitamin D deficiency. So, what can we do about it?

You can get Vitamin D from food sources like fish, mushrooms, eggs, meat, yeast in addition to enough exposure to sunlight. Having said that, maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D with a well-balanced diet is difficult to accomplish. In that case, complement your diet with nutrient supplements containing Vitamin D after consultation with your physician.

DSM India has always been a socially committed brand and continues its legacy of responsible marketing with this quirky yet impactful CSR video.

Matches, vacations, and salary will come and go, but our health needs our immediate attention. Let’s read up, understand and get our daily dose of Vitamin D as that will #BoostYourImmuniD

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