Quiz: Can You Name The Exciting Careers Of These Bollywood Characters?

While many Bollywood movies are famous for their larger-than-life portrayal of characters, what really interests me is when they depict the lives of common men with real-life professions. Some are relatable while others are aspirational, but it leaves us all wanting to be their co-workers. We’ve been inspired by these powerful on-screen career women, but how many of you can correctly guess the careers of these popular male movie characters by one look? Take this quiz, and let’s find out!

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1. Piku is a regular client of his ____.

2. He helps 3 women with their ordeal in 'Pink'

3. "Iss team ka gunda main hoon"

4. What was Nikhil's profession in 'Salaam Namaste'?

5. He targets a terrorist-businessman in 'War'.

6. He cracks the most challenging case of his career a day before retirement in 'A Wednesday!'

7. Remember Yogendra Vashisht of St. Teresa's High School in 'Student Of The Year'?

8. What was Rahul Arora's profession in 'Fashion'?

9. Abhishek Bachchan's character teams up with a mechanic to nab a gang of bikers in 'Dhoom'

10. What did Ashwant Raina work as in 'Parmanu'?

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