Teacher Tries To Break Up Fight Between Students, Gets The Best Birthday Surprise

Imagine a school without good teachers – it’s like a colourless painting or a melody without music. Good teachers can turn the mundane into magic and brighten up the mornings of their students. They encourage curiosity, support dreams, and shape their students into better human beings. Which is probably why we remember at least one teacher from our school life who changed the course of our lives. And the things we would do to celebrate them!

The students of class 12 at Gandaki Boarding School in Nepal surprised their teacher Sujan Sir on his birthday by playing the most adorable prank on him. Sujan Sir was called into the classroom by a couple of students and when he entered, he found that chaos had been unleashed.

It seemed as though a group of boys were beating up a student. He tried to break them off.

But finally, in the middle of the group hid a student with a bouquet of flowers in his hands! The students started wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’ and there was a huge celebration after with lots of hugs and cake.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Instagram by @class12drams, the account belonging to the students of class 12, and they wrote, “Happiest birthday Sujan sir. Thank you for always going out and beyond to give the best for us, thank you for being our friend, thank you for making us feel like a big chaotic family. we have learned so much from you, much more than the pages of any textbook could ever teach us. this prank might have gone a lil overboard, but your effort clearly shows how much you care for each of us.”

Have a look at the video here:


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Several people online were left emotional upon watching the video and showered immense love on the tight bond shared between the teacher and his students. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Everyone deserves a teacher like him! 🙂

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