Video Of Bikers Blocking The Path Of Tigers In Chandrapur Sparks Outrage Online

Whenever we spot something unique or interesting, our go-to response is to take a photo or video on our phones to show our friends and family (sometimes even share it online). However, it is also important that we consider the context in a few cases so that we do not become an obstruction or seem insensitive.

According to The Indian Express, on May 31, a few bikers spotted 2 tigers on Padmapur-Moharli road near the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. But instead of clearing their path, they blocked the road to take pictures and videos while honking their horns.

Mid-day quoted wildlife conservationist and Director of The Corbett Foundation Kedar Gore saying,

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“This is a potentially dangerous situation. Such crowding of people around tigers needs to be controlled by the forest department to prevent human-tiger conflict. Even people, whether locals or tourists, must respect the tigers’ presence and keep a safe distance. The obsession for taking videos and selfies for social media may prove to be dangerous in such cases. A regulation in vehicle movements and some physical mitigation measures on the road stretch has become necessary for the safety of people and tigers.”

People called their actions highly irresponsible. Take a look:

The state’s forest department has identified 4 bikers, sent them a show-cause notice for obstructing the movement of the tigers and called them in for questioning. Do you think they should face action for the behaviour? Tell us.

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