While We Struggle With 1 Job, Bihar Man Scored Salaries From 3 Govt Jobs For 30 Years!


We all know that one friend or family member who is obsessed with getting a government job. Some people even indulging in fraudulent activities like bribing someone to score the gig. We’re quite aware all this happens because people enjoy the perks of being a government employee.

Fixed working hours, salary hikes, frequent promotions, holidays, lifelong pensions, etc all entice us to chase the job. But we all know that getting a government job isn’t a cakewalk.

But this Bihar man’s epic scam will make you question this theory.

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While we struggle to meet our deadlines and chase every promotion opportunity at the only job we do, Suresh Ram from Bihar has been receiving three salaries from three different government departments for 30 years. Apparently, he also got promoted at all of his jobs.

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Reportedly, Ram has been receiving salaries as Assistant Engineer in the Office of Building Construction of Kishanganj, the Department of Water Resources in Banka district’s Belhar block and from Bhimnagar East Embankment of Supaul.

The absconding Ram managed to fool the government for three decades until his triple scam was exposed by a financial management application where details of all Bihar government employees were fed.

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When he was required to feed his details such as the Aadhaar number, date of birth, PAN number, etc on the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), he didn’t show up. It is when the officers came to know about his scam.

While speaking to media, Madhusudan Kumar Karna, executive engineer of Kishanganj Building Construction department said:

“On 22 July, the Deputy Secretary asked Ram to bring all his papers to the irrigation department but he didn’t show up.”

This is when an FIR was registered against Ram in Kishanganj police station.

Although Ram was successful in conning the Bihar government, it raises questions on the government’s inability to detect a crime that was happening under their nose for 30 long years.

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