Long-term BFFs, Doggo & Dolphin Reunite At Seaside Sanctuary, See Pics

Amid all the chaos and mental turbulence that most of us are going through right now, let me tell you about two best friends who have taken over the internet by storm. They are not like us, but I would say, they are better than us humans. I am talking about Gunner, the golden retriever, and Delta, the dolphin, who have been BFFs for over six years now.

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Gunner met Delta at Dolphin Research Center (home to several dolphins and sea lions) in the Florida Keys when he was only eight-weeks-old. Delta was four then, reported NDTV.

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Gunner, who belongs to one of the employees at the non-profit organisation, recently came to meet his best-bud and a picture of their reunion went viral on social media.

Here’re the cuties:

Soon after their recent picture spread like wildfire, the Dolphin Research Centre also shared a throwback picture of their first meeting:

Here are some more adorable pictures of them:

And like me, there were many people who couldn’t stop gushing over them. Here’s how they reacted to this inter-species friendship:

Someone even spotted a jealous ex:

Well, now I know how I will be spending the rest of my evening- binge-watching cute animal videos and hogging on a tub of choco chip ice cream. What about you?

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