Bengaluru Techie Finally Gets A Job At Google After Trying Every Year For Over A Decade

Working in tech giants like Google and Apple is a dream for many techies across the globe. But if you’re thinking that not everyone can realize their dream then you’re mistaken, my friend.

It’s only through perseverance and dedication can someone move mountains and this is what this techie from Bengaluru did.

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A digital designer by profession, Advin Roy Netto has been trying to get into Google for a decade. It was years back in 2013 when he first dropped his resume at the company hoping to get a positive response. But things didn’t go as planned. But did he give up on it? Not at all.

He kept on sharpening his skills and worked with several companies over the years after completing his graduation in Animation and Graphic Designing in 2007, reported India Today. And while doing all this, he kept applying at Google for digital designer positions.

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12-years-later, here he is, working as a UX designer at Google. Taking to LinkedIn, he expressed his gratitude towards all those who believed in him and helped him reach where he is today.

“In 2013, my Dad asked me, “What is your dream job?” “I want to work with Google or Apple,” I said. Today, I wish he was here to see me fulfill that dream. I am excited to join Google and be a part of their design team. Dad — this is for you!” he wrote.

A week ago, Netto also shared a video of his family’s reaction when he broke the big news to them. Captioning the video, he wrote, “We generally see the good side of any story on social media. What we need to understand is the effort that went behind it.”


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Sharing why getting a job at Google was so special for him, the product designer wrote:

“I have been applying to google since 2013. I applied every year without fail (I have proof of my applications 😀). Every year, when I don’t hear back, I check what’s wrong with me. I tried to make changes in my resume and portfolio and try again. After a certain point, I thought I didn’t have a degree from a reputed design college, which could be one of the reasons. I don’t have control over that, but I have control over improving my portfolio and resume. So after several failed attempts, here I am.”

Sharing why he was so passionate about Google, he wrote, “It was my dream to work with a company where my contribution will impact billions of lives.”

“I used to celebrate small wins I had in smaller organizations. It is the satisfaction I get when I solve a problem; my users will benefit from it. Now my users are going to be in billions.”

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People online were elated to know his story and the hard work he put behind it.

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Getting into giants like Google isn’t easy. Every year lakhs of people send their applications to companies out of which only a handful make it to their offices.

Kudos to you for putting your heart and soul into manifesting what you wanted. Kudos for not giving up.

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