Bengaluru Prof Shares Husband’s Love Letter From 18 Yrs Back That Had Lab Experiment Details

Our generation, which grew up with telephones, smartphones and computers, will never truly understand the magic of letters. They are tangible memories that can be carefully stored for generations, waiting to make those smile who read them. I don’t know man, there is just something about people putting their thoughts, longing and emotions into words. It shows the effort to communicate and a lot more.

Speaking of letters, a woman named Sai Swaroopa Iyer, who works as an Assistant Professor at Chanakya University in Bengaluru, took to Twitter to share a love letter written to her by her now husband eighteen and a half years ago. Back then, her husband was a ME (Master of Engineering) student at IISc and in the letter, he talks about a lab experiment he conducted. What’s even better is that he drew diagrams of his experiment to explain it to Mrs Iyer!

Mrs Iyer found the love letter while cleaning up some old things and exclaimed that who draws scientific diagrams on letters to his girlfriend!

Was cleaning up some old stuff yday when I rediscovered some old handwritten letters that Mr Iyer had written to me some 18.5 years ago. But who writes about lab experiments along with detailed diagrams in letters to their girlfriend? (Yeah I said yes to this guy ),” she tweeted.

Have a look at her tweet here:

However, people online just loved the authenticity of the feelings expressed in the letter. To be honest, it is very heartwarming to listen to/read a person’s description of subjects they are passionate about. Here’s how people online reacted:

Bring back the era of love letters!

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