Bangalore Best City To Live In India With Highest Economic Ability, Delhi In 6th Place

Are you thinking about moving to a new city? A lot of people face confusion while thinking of moving. There are many factors that have to be kept in mind – the cost of living, job opportunities, safety, public transport availability and expenses, etc. However, a recent report released by the Centre of Science and Environment might put your confusion at ease.

According to TOI, Bengaluru has been crowned as the most liveable city in the country. The city is followed by Chennai, Shimla, and Bhubaneshwar in the list.

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However, Delhi occupies 6th place on the list.

4 important areas were used as parameters for the study to conclude the liveability of the cities. These were quality of live, economic ability, sustainability and citizens’ perception. They were scored out of 100.

Overall, Bengaluru had the highest score. But in terms of quality of life and sustainability, it was behind Chennai and Shimla, respectively.

Even though for Chennai, the scores for quality of life and citizens’ perception were higher, it had a significantly low score of economic ability.

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Have a look at the list here:

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Anybody planning to shift to Bengaluru?

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