Guy Shares Bengaluru Landlord’s Tiresome ‘High-Pedigree’ Tenant-Choosing Process

Numerous incidents have grabbed headlines that have proved that renting an apartment in Bengaluru is a huge task. In areas like HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Whitefield and Bellandur, landlords are VERY choosy when it comes to tenants. They won’t settle for less. They want the right ‘pedigree’. I know it sounds absurd, but it is how it is.

Nowadays, landlords are looking at the LinkedIn profiles of prospective tenants. They prefer renting their apartment to people who have graduated from premium institutes and work for top companies. If they are owners of successful startups – even better! The process of choosing a tenant includes a pre-interview, a video interview, looking through social media accounts, official documents and what not! Here’s an example.

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A guy named Neeraj Menta, an entrepreneur working on his startup, took to Twitter to narrate how he was looking for an apartment in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout and one particular landlord did a thorough background check, looked through his and his wife’s LinkedIn accounts, asked about his startup, its investments, and even then wasn’t convinced.

He seemed more interested in Neeraj’s startup than he was on the tenants.

The landlord became hesitant after Neeraj mentioned that his wife would be paying the rent and when he checked her LinkedIn profile, he found that her latest job role wasn’t updated on the platform. He then mentioned that he preferred renting out his flat to “high-pedigree folks”.

He also advised Neeraj on how to carefully run his business!

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People online were shocked on learning about this incident. While some shared similar experiences, others couldn’t fathom why some landlords have such meticulous tenant-choosing processes.

Here’s how some of them reacted:

What a gruelling experience house-hunting must be!

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