Agra Woman Seeks Divorce After Husband Doesn’t Bring Kurkure For Her Like Everyday

If you are in a strained romantic relationship, you might start looking for the perfect reason to break up; you wait for your partner to mess up so you can call it quits. It’s easier that way. You get to ‘win’ the breakup. Having an unfaithful or emotionally distant partner seems like the perfect reason for a breakup.

But what if your partner is not as bad as you think they are but you want to get out of the relationship – how do you break up with them then?

Easy – even the slightest inconveniences can become solid reasons for a breakup. Picture this: You’re at the store, grabbing orange juice. You like pulp, they don’t. Seems harmless, right? Wrong! Suddenly, it’s not just juice…it’s war! You can break up with your partner because you like pulp and they don’t and that’s a perfectly logical reason why you two shouldn’t be together.

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Something on similar lines might have happened in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A woman is seeking a divorce from her husband because he did not get her a packet of Kurkure.

According to News18, the wife had a habit of asking her husband to bring her a Rs 5 packet of Kurkure every day. The woman’s addiction to the packet of chips led to daily disputes between the husband and wife.

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One day, when the husband forgot to bring Kurkure, things escalated a bit too much and led to a heated argument. The woman left her marital home and went to her parents’ house. She later approached the police seeking a divorce from her husband.

She had got married last year. The Shahganj police in Agra have sent her for family counselling.

Who knew a packet of Kurkure could lead to such dramatic events? 😛

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