People Share Stories Of Kind Bengaluru Airport Staff Who Greet Them Every Time Upon Meeting

A simple act of kindness, a courteous greeting, and a helping hand is always encouraged and cherished. These petty gestures might not add a lot of value to a person but definitely works as a mood lifter. It’s also something that we would want to reciprocate to others, knowing that they would also feel good, the way we did.

Hence, when a woman at Bengaluru airport was wished sweetly by the ground staff, it made her heart smile.

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A Twitter user named Amanda was elated when inside one of the women’s washrooms at the Bangalore airport, she spotted a staff member who was very kindly wishing every person leaving the washroom, “Happy journey!” So, she decided to tell about it to the world.

“In one of the women’s washrooms at the Bangalore airport, there’s this staff person who very sweetly wishes every person leaving the washroom, ‘Happy journey!’ Always makes my journey very happy, indeed,” she wrote.

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On seeing her impressed by their initiative, the official Twitter handle of Bengaluru airport responded to her tweet:

Apparently, it’s not just her, but many passengers also saw this very staff and were greeted in the same manner at the airport. Recalling their encounter with her, women online shared how cheerful and courteous the staff member was.

Interestingly, it happens in the men’s washroom too.

Humility and kindness go a long way. We wish nothing but happiness for this anonymous lady who has been cheering everyone around at the airport.

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