17 Things You Experience On Your Birthday

Let’s face it- birthdays are awesome, especially when you’re young, and you have all the energy in you to celebrate and ponder over what you’re life has been in the past year. Every year, there are certain things that happen without which any birthday seems incomplete. Here they are.

1. It’s the evening before your birthday and the wishes have already slowly started pouring in

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This slowly starts building the anticipation of your birthday approaching.


2. The frequency with which you check the time increases as the clock approaches midnight

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3. When it’s midnight, you’re pretty much expecting the phone to ring at literally any second

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And you have to calm yourself down from all the anticipation.


4. You get really excited when you get your first birthday call, and you make sure to tell them that they’re your first caller

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5. You often get calls waiting, and when you answer them later you get scolded for not answering on time

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Oh, well. 😛


6. With all the calls, texts, and birthday wishes, you often end up sleeping really late

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7. And be woken up in the morning, with texts

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Not that you’re complaining. 😉


8. If you’re at home, you get special treatment on your big day

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Your mum doesn’t yell at you, all your favourite dishes are made, and you basically can get whatever you want. 😀


9. There are random people who facebook message you and you have to make small talk with them

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And then out of nowhere they ask you for a treat. Wut?


10. Your timeline is flooded with people wishing you

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And the ones who type ‘HBD’  annoy you to no end.


11. You are flooded with statements like, “hahah you’re so old” and “you are all grown up now” constantly

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You laugh it off at first, but you soon start pondering over it.


12. You are also geared up for hearing the dreaded words, “So, what plans tonight?”

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And they sound disappointed when you really don’t have elaborate plans.


13. Your closest friends feel more excited than you to celebrate your birthday

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They promise you that you’re going to have an awesome time, and you have no doubts about it. 😀


14. When you don’t have elaborate plans, you decide to spend the day spoiling yourself

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Shopping, eating your favourite food, and splurging on yourself.


15. Even your e-mail inbox is flooded with brands wishing you happy birthday and offering you special discounts on the occasion

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16. At some point during the day, it suddenly hits you that you’re a year older

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Panic mode: ON.


17. Finally, amidst all the celebration and mild panic, at the end of the night, you feel wonderfully thankful for everyone making your day so utterly special

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And you also secretly decide to make the rest of the year count in terms of growth, wisdom, and maturity. That happens only after you’ve devoured the entire cake and you can’t move anymore. But, it’s okay; it’s your birthday! 😀
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