10 Reasons Why Shaktiman Would Totally Win In A Battle Against Batman

Superman. Spiderman. Batman. Superheroes. And then we have our very own desi Superman- Shaktimaan. What does he do? Actually, what can he NOT do! He can fly, jump, emit fire from his fingertips….you name it, and he will do it. So when you pit him against the amazing, drool-worthy Batman…who do you think will win? It’s for you to decide:

1. How were these superheroes born?

Batman: After his parents were murdered in front of him, he decided to fight crime by becoming a vigilante. He trained extensively in martial arts and other fighting techniques and used the source of his fear- bats, to become Batman.

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Shaktimaan: Blessed with yogic shakti. Got total control over his body by immersing himself in holy fire. When the five natural elements of life, fire, earth, water, wind and sky invigorated his body, he….whaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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2. Alter ego

Batman: The ever-sexy Bruce Wayne.

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Shaktimaan: Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar…. *snores*

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3. How they disguise themselves

Batman: A wealthy businessman living in Gotham City, he portays himself as a casanova who drinks a lot.

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Shaktimaan: Because apparently wearing spectacles can disguise your entire identity.

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4. Their outfit

Batman: Mask. Batsuit which protects from gun-fire. A cape that is flexible in its normal state, and becomes semi-rigid when an electric current is passed through it.

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Shaktimaan: Sorry, I have no idea. I was blinded by the maroon and gold combination.

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 5. Who they fight

Batman: Ra’s al Ghul. Scarecrow. Bane. The Joker. Need I say more?

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Shaktimaan: Some weird dude who needs to wash his face ASAP.

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6. What the villains say to scare the good people

Batman: “We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside of us.” *wipes tears*

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Shaktimaan: “Andhera Kaayam Rahe”… He obviously flunked Monster University.

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7. Diffusing a nuclear missile

Batman: Make sure that the entire population of Gotham is away from the missile. Use some advanced machinery to divert the missile into the ocean.

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Shaktimaan: Why, stop it using just your hands, of course!

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8. Their powers

Batman: Quick-thinking and his array of expensive technology.

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Shaktimaan: Can fly. Shoot fire from his hands. Emit rays from fingertips. Send out protective force fields which nothing can penetrate. For all we know, probably can fart golden bubbles too.

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9. Fitness

Batman: He probably has 12-pack abs. *drool*

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Shaktimaan: One word- paunch.

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10. Mode of transport

Batman: Batmobile. ‘nuf said.

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Shaktimaan: Can fly. Stretch. Jump. Spin. Disappear. But can’t pull his stomach inside.

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 So, who’s your favourite superhero? Batman or… Batman?