Someone’s Selling ‘Basmati Rice Sacks’ As Tote Bags Online, Desi Junta Reacts

Although I am often mesmerized by the fashion trends around the globe, there are a few styles that make absolutely no sense to me. For instance the impractical larger-than-life inflatable trousers or the quirky ‘Tentacle Tights‘.

Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a bizarre ‘fashion accessory’. A twitter user shared a screenshot of a Basmati rice sack that is being sold as a tote for $15 (Approx. Rs. 1100) online. And, here’s what I think. While the bag seems like a practical, eco-friendly idea, shouldn’t the cost be way lower? After all, these sacks come free along with rice in India. 

Have a look at the tweet:

And it’s not just me, many desis LOL’d over the peculiar bag:

However, some people were confused about the fuss and said they actually liked the fashionable bag as it is eco-friendly: 

Just in case you are wondering, somebody actually bought it! 

Although this does seem like a great upcycling idea, as a desi kid I would never pay for the rice sack. Do you like this ‘fashionable’ tote? Tell us!

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