This Cutie-Patootie Is Travelling The World And You’d Want To Hop On A Seat Next To Him


Elo belo! It’s Saturday again and we’re here with your weekly dose of #TravelGoals. And mind you, it’s going to be extraaa tempting because I’m wrapping them nice and neat around an adorable kid. Yes, you heard that right!

Meet, cutie-patootie Eesa who has already 5-countries old!

And needless to say, he has done all the globe-trotting king-size! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


2. See what I mean?

3. Oh, nothing much. Just lounging in his own private cabin!

4. Precious…

5. The travel-bug who knows when to pause and pose.

6. Swim-time!

7. ‘We are going there next!’

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The view of the port ⛴ from our room in @thewestinsingapore was spectacular and we spent a lot of time sitting by the window .. especially Eesa who still talks about the ships and boats and cruise 🚢 he used to see from there.. here Papa is pointing to him the small tug boat 🚤 that is helping a big ship enter the port.. 🛳 .. This was also the spot where we used to sit and eat whenever we ate in the room.. . . #singaporediaries #newyearinsingapore #marinabay #littletraveller #happybaby #positivevibes #spectacularview #traveldiaries🌎 #travellingwithatoddler #travelwithkids #instatravel #instablog #travelblog #travelbug #boyseesworld #travelphotography #travellingram #singapore2017 #ofshipsandharbours #westinsingapore #frommywindow #favspot #bythewindow

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8. Rain or no rain, playing is a must!

9. Like Lilly Singh would say, ‘Whatup t-shirt reference?!’

10. Hey, who doesn’t like some movie-time up above the sky?

11. The caption says it all…

12. Napping before the next stop!

13. Gotta click em all!

14. Can I just say awwwwwwww…

15. Chilling under the sun and how!

Now, don’t you want to hop on a seat right next to him? You’re not the only one my friend!

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