Doggo Comforts Toddler Terrified Of Vacuum Cleaner’s Sound, Twitter Says, ‘That’s Kindness’


Dogs seem to have some unusual superpowers that heal us from stress and anxiety with just a hug. Probably that’s the reason why therapy dogs exist. This video shared on social media is testimony to that.

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A Twitter account, @welcomet0nature, recently posted a video that has everyone going ‘aww’. The 22-second clip opens up with a toddler strolling in the home’s corridor. That’s when the child is startled by the loud and harsh sound made by a vacuum cleaner. It visibly frightens him. It seems like the kiddo doesn’t like it when someone vacuums the house.

Scared of the noise, the toddler immediately runs to a doggo comfortably seated at the other end of the corridor and gives him a tight hug. The baby probably felt safe by standing next to the dog.

Here’s the adorable video:

Tweeple found the cute gesture of the kiddo ‘touching.’

Some also concluded that even the doggo was scared and found solace when the child gave him a hug.

Talking from experience, a good cuddle and some playtime with your pet doggo is the ultimate stress-buster. Try it!

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