Australian Woman Disguised As Gorilla Cop Helps Police Catch A Pervert Serial Flasher

Women at Jeff Joseph Reserve in the Perth suburb of Applecross are terrified about upsetting encounters with a cyclist pervert. The man allegedly flashes his genitals at the women passing by while riding through the beachside park.

A woman was so frustrated over repeated such encounters with the man that she has resorted to extreme measures and literally went ape! She volunteered to help the police of Perth to catch the local sex pest and turned herself into a gorilla cop.

“I was really upset when I found out other women were feeling just as terrified as I was,” she told Perth Now. “One woman I spoke to told me she was never going to go back to that park.”

Elaborating the encounters, the woman who chose to be anonymous, alleged that the biker would mostly remain on his bike but at times would hop off and approach her. She also spoke to several other women in the area to inquire about the flasher.

The woman later on disguised herself as Cop Kong and patrolled in the area hiding in the park for three days. She finally spotted the flasher on Thursday with his genitals hanging out of his shorts. Cop Kong followed the rider on her own bike and finally, the police held him.

Police have charged the 47-year-old accused of with four counts of committing indecent acts in public.

Well done, Cop Kong!

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