Aunty Gets To Know About Orange Peel Theory & She Thinks Women Have Very Low Standards

There is a new theory that has popped up on social media recently – the Orange Peel theory. According to this, if a person asks their partner to peel an orange for them and they agree and do it for them, then it’s true love. If they don’t, then they aren’t considerate enough about them.

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However, to one Indian mother, the Orange Peel theory makes no sense. For her, it is no big deal and she thinks women nowadays are setting the bar too low.

A woman named Aanchal Agrawal, a comedian hailing from Mumbai, told her mother about the Orange Peel theory and asked for her opinion on it. Without batting an eye, her mother said, “Sirf santara chhilne se impress ho jaoge? Isiliye tumhe itna padaya, likhaya, duniya dikhayi? Lo maine hi chhil diya santara. Kya hai santara chhilne mein?”

Have a look at the video here:


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People online completely agreed with her mother. Some guys even said that they are willing to peel pomegranates for the women they love! Here’s a look at some of the responses to the video:

The bar is getting lower and lower with each passing day! ūüėõ

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