India Does It Again. Assam Girl Gets Beaten Up In Public And NO ONE Tries To Stop It!

People who stand and watch a crime happen are as much responsible for it as the criminal is. People think that just because the people involved in an incident aren’t related to them, they don’t have any responsibility when it comes to controlling the situation. What we need to understand that all of us have a human responsibility to not stand and watch another human being suffer in front of us when something can be done to help.

But, people in India go two steps further. They don’t just stand and stare. They record the video of the whole thing. Where does so much apathy come from?


A recent video that went viral on social media shows a girl getting brutally beaten up by a man in the middle of a road in Assam. The actual cause of the action and the reason for the dispute is still unknown, but the fact someone decided to take the law into his own hands and physically assault a woman is absolutely not done.

But, sadder part is that NO ONE from the crown stepped in the girl’s defense or to control the situation.


It was only when the girl picked up a saw from a store and started hitting the man to defend herself, and he attempted to tear off her clothes, few people stepped in and pulled the guy away from the girl. Around 20-30 people just stood there and watched the show.

It’s time we stop and ask ourselves that what have we become? A mindless, heartless, moving carcass that cannot get its eyes off the phone?

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